What We’ll Fund

Contigo will fund organizations working to achieve the following goals:

    • Healing and empowerment: Projects that provide opportunities for healing for the communities directly or most impacted by the Pulse tragedy, including peer-led support groups, community organizing, and other programs that focus not only on providing culturally and linguistically competent services but on empowering community members.
    • Leadership development: Projects that promote leadership development, including popular education and grassroots trainings and skills building, among communities most affected by the Pulse tragedy.
    • Bridge-building: Projects that create opportunities for meaningful connections and mutual learning among Central Florida’s diverse communities, especially between LGBTQ, Latinx, Muslim, Immigrant, and Black communities.
    • Racial, social, and gender justice-focused: Projects with strategies to address homophobia, transphobia, patriarchy, gender inequity or inequality, gender-based violence, Islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, and/or other forms of bigotry.
    • Work led by women/trans/gender-expansive/intersex leaders and youth: Projects that center on and are led by women of color, transgender, queer, gender expansive, and/or intersex leaders and youth.

Grants will not be awarded to projects and programs which:
1) Are outside of Central Florida
2) Promote legislative or political advocacy

Who May Apply

The Contigo Fund seeks proposals for LGBTQ and Latinx-focused efforts in Central Florida directly or deeply impacted by the Pulse tragedy. The following guidelines will apply:

      • Proposals by existing and emerging leaders, groups, organizations, and coalitions should address medium-term to long-term solutions to help grow and sustain capacity and forward movement to empower LGBTQ and Latinx communities, particularly the people living at the intersection of those marginalized identities.
      • Groups do not need to be a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status to apply. Those lacking this status can apply under the auspices of an established 501(c)(3). A letter from the non-profit agreeing to the fiscal sponsor relationship is required along with any request for grants. If your group does not yet have a fiscal sponsor, contact the Contigo Fund.
      • Preference will be given to organizations with expenses of less than $1 million.
      • Preference is given to projects and programs that respond to an unmet need in the community and propose medium- to long-term solutions.
      • Applicants are required to be a part of a learning community and will be asked to participate with other community leaders, including convening, leadership and organizational development trainings and peer learning opportunities. Travel and other training expenses will be covered by the Contigo Fund. Applicant core staff and board or advisory committee member should be prepared to devote appropriate time and thought to participating actively in these opportunities.
Contributing Partners