Marco Antonio Quiroga

Executive Director 

Marco Antonio Quiroga is the Executive Director of the Contigo Fund. He leads Contigo’s work to bring resources to Central Florida’s LGBTQ+ social justice ecosystem, build capacity of grassroots groups, and to connect organizations and leaders that advance Latinx and LGBTQ, immigrant, and people of color causes and the intersection of these communities in Central Florida.

Joél Junior Morales

Foundation Manager 

Joel is a nationally recognized activist and social impact leader. He sits on the board of the American Cancer Society and works closely with Survivors for Safety and Justice. Joel was a founding member of the Orlando United Assitance center, QLatinx, and most recently was the director of operations at the LGBT+ Center Orlando.

Andres Acosta Ardila

Community Relations Manager 

Andres is first generation Colombian immigrant and a venteran of the U.S Navy. Andres is a nationally recognized HIV advocate and local activist. He sits on the board of directors for Peer Support Space and is currently the program manager for Maven Leadership Collective. He has been with Contigo Fund since 2019.

Val Solomon

Donor Realtions Manager 

Val is a local leader in the nonprofit sector. She has served as the interim Executive Director for Cannon Ball Kicks Cancer and has raised millions for the organization. Val is the founder and CEO of BluePrint consulting which provides a roadmap for non-profits to succeed.

Ben Francisco Maulbeck

Development Consultant 

Ben Francisco (They/Them) is a queer nonbinary Boricua leader who has devoted their life to getting more resources to LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, and communities of color working for social justice.

Community Advisory Board

Angela Hunt (She/Her)

Angela is a passionate advocate for HIV justice, trans rights and health equity. Her work with the Central Florida HIV Planning Council and Hope and Help doing outreach and education has made her a known leader in the community.

Angelica Sanchez (She/Her)

Angelica is a life long entertainer and advocate for trans justice. She is a survivor of Pulse and has used her platform to advocate for her community.

Ann Kendrick (She/Her)

Sister of Notre Dame de Namur who came to Central Florida in 1971 to work with migrant and seasonal farmworkers, immigrants and the working poor.

Ashley Figueroa (She/Her)

Ashley is a local leader and trans advocate. She is the executive director and co-founder for Gender Advancement Project.

Adrian Toca (He/They)

Adrian is a community advocate with roots in South Florida. He is currently leading linkage efforts to care for people living with HIV in Central and South Florida through Comprehensive Health Centers.

Daniel Downer (He/Him)

Daniel Downer is the executive director of Bros In Convo and a community leader in HIV advocacy.

Gustavo Rico (He/Him)

Gustavo is a passionate advocate and community leader who works to better the life of homeless LGBTQ+ youths.

Ida Eskamani (She/Her)

Ida is a dedicated leader who works hard in policy formulation and advocacy in the political sector.

Miguel Naranjo Cortez (He/Him)

Miguel Naranjo Cortez is a gay Mexican leader in Orlando who works on centering and empowering the LGBTQ Latinx community in Florida. Miguel is one of the founding leader of QLatinx,