Leading Foundation Partners

Contigo Fund has grown into the largest funder of LGBTQ+ issues in Central Florida thanks to the dedication and support of these leading foundations, corporations, and philanthropic organizations, each of which has provided more than $50,000 of annual support over three or more years. Contigo is grateful to these institutions for being supporters, thought partners, and leaders for social justice philanthropy.

Recognizing Our Donors and Funders

Contigo Fund has grown into the largest funder of LGBTQ+ issues in Central Florida thanks to the dedication and support of donors just like you. We recognize the dedication of you our donors using the giving levels below. The funding levels were instituted in 2019 and our list includes anyone that has donated after that time. We compile the list using our donor management software to ensure every one of you that deserves to be recognized is honored.

Our list was last updated on December 31st

The next update will happen on January 31st with all other updates happening monthly


Those of you at our Fundadores/Founders giving level represent the most dedicated allies Contigo Fund has in our fight to bring resources to LGBTQ+ communities of color. We recognize and honor the following individuals and organizations.

Ben Francisco Maulbeck
Marco Antonio Quiroga
Brent Ashley Wilkes

Those of you at our Campeon/Champion giving level are dedicated to championing the fight for LGBTQ+ people of color. We give our gratitude to you our individuals and organizational champions.

Alex Andrews
Gladys G. Cofrin
Andrea Lynch
Rye Young

Our Defensor/Defender giving level reflects those of you in our community that defend the progress made in Central Florida. We thank our individuals and organizations at this level.

Ellen Alpert Giving Fund/ Kate Barr/ Valentina Bore/ Susan Buttery/ Nick Cimarusti/ Daniel J. Downer/ Sharlan K Eng-Wilmot/ Chantelle Fisher-Borne/ Hilleary Gramling/ Heather Isaacs/ Kevin Jennings/ William Powell/ Devin Prater/ Jeremy Rye/ Isabel Sousa-Rodriguez


Our Luchador/Fighter giving level features those of you who refuse to give up the fight for equity and justice. We thank you.

Yasmin Andre/ Sandy Bitman/ Manuel Carames/ Carla Borsoi/ Christopher Jay Cuevas / Corey Davis/ Olivia P. Davis/ Christopher Dufault/ Daroneshia Duncan-Boyd/ Emily Dziuban/ Nicole Elinoff/ Ida Vishkaee Eskamani/ Yasmin Flasterstein/ Rebecca Friedman/ Christopher Salvatore Furino/ Nadia Garzon/ Edward W. Hazen Foundation/ Sheena Johnson/ Richard Kann/ Rya Karleskint/ Nolan Kline/ Anna LeFlore/ Chevalier Lovett/ Kim Murphy/ Neighborhood Funders Group/ Amber R. Norman/ Patricia Padilla/ David M. Perez/ Kimberly Porteous/ Devin Prater/ Juan Reyes Martinez/ Hector Rivera/ Cindy Rizzo/ Jordan Rutledge/ Nathan Selikoff/ Christopher Jordan Smith/ Valerie Solomon/ Katelyn Thompson/ Jay T. Yellen/


Our Activista/Activist giving level is the backbone of our movement. Those of you who give what you can and show up for our movement.

Bronze N. Avery / Juan Carreno/ Angela Rebecca Corona/ Marissa Corrente/ Kayla Ferrero/ Amanda Flagg/ Jennifer Foster/ Lucas Grindley/ Erin Garcia-Luckey/ Jill Hakemian/ Katy Jacobs/ Lyle Matthew Kan/ Emalee Kimball/ Casey Liston/ Daniel Maiuri/ Amy Mercado/ Andrea Montanez/ Joel Junior Morales/ Timothy McGowan/ Debo Ofsowitz/ Helen Oxenreider/ Briana Parbus/ Alan Alfred Pagan-Pearl/ Stephanie Katherine Porta/ Michele Rayner/ Sarah Reynolds/ Denisse Rotem/ Ellen Miller Schneider/ Rochelle Scott/ Felipe Sousa-Lazaballet/ Ethan Suarez/ Megan Alexis P. Sunga/ Jessica Swift/ Wilfredo Torres/ Ryan C. Wilson/ Lillian Woodall/ Carolyn Zoerb/