34-year-old transgender Latina of Cuban and Dominican descent. Born in Lynn, Massachusetts, Jordyn Victoria relocated at a young age and now calls Orlando home. She is deeply connected to Orlando’s LGBTQ community as a former employee of Southern Nights nightclub and as a performer known to the community by the name of Dominica and Fishydiva. Jordyn Victoria’s vision of the world was shaped by her experience as a transgender woman of color, raised in a home with mixed cultures and by a formerly undocumented father. She experienced family rejection and housing instability when she initially came out and has since developed an extremely close relationship to her father and siblings since transitioning.

Many of her close friends were directly impacted by the Pulse tragedy, and Jordyn Victoria was herself deeply impacted and feels called into action to support her community. She has been an outspoken leader in raising awareness of transgender issues, which includes providing assistance to women navigating the legal side of transitioning and against illegal enhancement that has caused harm and even death to members of the transgender community and has led these efforts through the “Say No to Silicone Injections” grassroots campaign. Jordyn Victoria dreams of bringing trans awareness to everyone’s life and one day building a resource center for (and led by) the transgender community that provides support with employment, funds and resources for transition-related procedures, medical needs and resources along with legal assistance, social and community-building support, advocacy and mentoring.