Joel Morales is a 33-year- old Latino with a knack for helping others. It all dates back to his upbringing in Puerto Rico, before moving to Western Massachusetts as a teenager and later venturing his way through different fields. After utilizing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies during his five years in the manufacturing industries, Joel reached a pivotal moment in his personal and professional life, where he realized that he wanted to make an impact on his community. During his time at Preventive Medicine, he learned the intricacies of America’s healthcare system, something that isn’t easy to embrace with an open mind, an open heart and understanding of medical business practices.

After a decade in Massachusetts, he opted for a change and moved to Florida during 2012 in pursuit of an opportunity that would eventually impact the lives of the Pulse Night Club tragedy. Nonetheless, life isn’t always as you planned and Joel learned that when he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, leaving him bed bound for four months. After recovering and a gaining a personal outlook on health care, he lent his time to The LGBT Center of Central Florida, quickly moving up the ranks from volunteer to Lead Counselor of the Prevention Program. His experience propelled him to the front line for helping the victims of the June shooting. Since then, his focus has shifted to the aftermath, leading up to a brand-new partnership with the city sponsored program, Orlando United Assistance Center. Contracted by the Heart of Florida United Way, Joel serves as a Case Manager at the aforementioned alliance and is aiming to continue his efforts in reestablishing some normalcy to the The City Beautiful.